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The Southeast AlabamaWorks Story

Southeast Alabama boasts regional cooperation, a skilled workforce, and an excellent business climate. The region is defined by the ten southeastern counties of Alabama and is bordered by Georgia on the East and Florida to the South. These counties are strongly linked by cultural ties and commuting patterns.

Who Is Southeast AlabamaWorks?

Identify & address the workforce needs of new & existing business & industry by developing mutually beneficial partnerships with education systems, training providers, & job seekers.

Develop a dynamic and comprehensive workforce that meets the skillset needs for employers by addressing education and training needs for employees.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Richards
Ryan RichardsDirector of Southeast AlabamaWorks!
Katie Thomas
Katie ThomasBusiness and Industry Relations Manager
Ann Carr
Ann CarrPrograms Manager

Alabama Workforce Council

The Alabama Workforce Council (AWC) serves as an advisory body in reviewing potential policies, recommending structure and alignment, developing innovative educational workforce programming, and discussing issues critical to the workforce development needs in Alabama. The AWC was created at the recommendation of Governor Bentley’s Career Readiness Task Force to foster collaboration between government, industry, and education.

The AWC is comprised of educators and business and industry executives from throughout the state tasked with ensuring that all Alabamians have the capacity to pursue their educational goals and realize long-term career opportunities. By harnessing the focus, strategic direction, combined efforts and expertise of these educational and workforce partners, Alabama can continue to make great strides in delivering the workforce that will power Alabama’s economic future.

Education & Industry Collaboration

Works with and through various education and industry groups, organizations, and trade associations to advise the education community on both ways to assist industry in preparing students or job candidates to enter the workforce and the best procedures for the state to collect workforce development data.

Marketing & Promotion

Seeks out the best ways to increase awareness and educate students or job candidates about available opportunities in various industry sectors. This committee is also tasked with evaluating the benefit of increasing the marketing associated with career readiness and skilled craft trades.

Private/Public Partnerships

Evaluates opportunities to establish public/private partnerships across the state. This committee evaluates options for creating industry-funded scholarship programs for community colleges, vocational programs, and dual enrollment programs.

Workforce Structure & Alignment

Reviews ways to streamline and align the existing workforce development functions of the state. This committee evaluates the standards for membership in and operations of the existing ten regional workforce development councils and also makes recommendations to realign the regional workforce councils.