Story By: Anna Lewis of WDHN News 18

Posted: Jul 12, 2017 05:55 PM CDT

The Wiregrass and other surrounding locations are known for their Agriculture and Medical jobs; but what about the demands for trucking and transportation.

 Regional Workforce Councils Division Director, Roger Fortner says. “Primary need in this region Southeast AlabamaWorks Region is for distribution, transportation, and logistics.” 

 Leaders from trucking companies gathered today at Wallace Community College today to discuss issues on the rise in transportation.

 One of the main setbacks is most drivers today are over fifty years of age with a plan of retirement in the future, and the younger generation is lacking the education to prepare them for the career.

 “There is a severe shortage in drivers and specifically in quality drivers as it pertains to basic soft skills and employability skills.” says Fortner. 

 But, it is not just the person behind the wheel in job needs; mechanics are in need as well to make sure the vehicle can run properly on the road.

 Now, Southeast AlabamaWorks plans to hold another meeting to take one step closer to making progress among this lucrative job.

 Surrounding schools like WCC are looking to create a type of course for drivers in the near future.