Story by: Courtney Chalder of WDHN News 18

Posted: Aug 07, 2017 05:55 PM CDT

Updated: Aug 07, 2017 05:55 PM CDT


“We need workers!We need young bright smart people that don’t know a clue about what we do,” Bob Woodall, President of Bob Woodall Air Care Systems, said when asking what the HVAC industry needs.


That was the message today as HVAC companies and industry leaders meet to discussed ideas and challenge in the residential and commercial service industry. 


“You sometimes you sit down at these meetings and you hear sometimes the negative or bad stuff but being able to leave here today like being able to leave with a solution,” Ryan Richards, Director of Workforce Development for Southeast Alabama Works, said. 


Solutions like reaching out to more high school and college students about the industry and the opportunities it can give you. 


“We’re hoping to start some co-op programs so young teenagers can come work not just for our company but for other companies too to get a taste and feel to know what it’s like to be in the HVAC industry,” Woodall said. 


Many of these jobs can be difficult and require a lot of work but they offer something that many other professionals cannot give. 


“You can literally go anywhere in the world you wanna go and work in this facility. You can make a really good living doing something you have a passion for and that one of the things I was always taught if you wake up every morning and do something that you love then you’re going to be successful at it,” Richards said. 


Bob Woodall feels today’s meeting was a success and that everyone must work together in order to solve the challenges ahead. 


“We all need to help one another and that what I was excited for today,” Woodall said.