Story By Alison Lorraine  | WTVY 4 News

OZARK, Al. (WTVY) – College isn’t for everyone, that’s why some students turn to dual enrollment to get a 2 year certification in the technical field and start working.

Jessie Tyre is unlike most 18-year-olds. Due to a scheduling conflict, he had to finish his high school courses through virtual school at night and take courses at the Alabama Aviation College in Ozark during the day.

This forced him to miss out on his final semester at Dale County High School with his friends. But when you’re as passionate as Jessie is, you’ll do whatever it takes.

“This isn’t high school; you have to really want it and you have to put effort into it. If you don’t show up, that’s seven hours off your time. If you don’t show up the next day, that’s another seven hours and you just failed the class,” said Tyre.

This is the first year Dale County has offered virtual school, only seven students have been enrolled.

“It gives students like me the opportunity who don’t have time to stay in high school but they still have to get a degree to achieve other things they are working on,” added Tyre.

“The feeling of satisfaction when you fix something and somebody trusts you when they go fly it…that’s their life in your hands,” said Tyre.

Jessie will graduate from Dale County High School on Thursday, May 25th and receive his certificate from the from the Alabama Aviation College this summer.