Enterprise State 

For-Credit Efforts in Support of Workforce Development

  1. ESCC has launched a new short-term certificate in the Computer Information Science (CIS) Division called “The IT Professional”.  It is a 24-credit-hour certificate that leads to 5 industry-recognized certifications including CompTIA certifications in IT Fundamentals, A+, Network+, and Security+ as well as in Linux+.  There are 5 embedded stackable short-term certificates within the larger certificate.  Details on included in the attached flyer.  The certificate is open for dual enrollment of high school students and in fall semester, 2016, there were 16 area high school students who enrolled in the program from Geneva County, Enterprise, Elba, and Kinston.  12 of those students took the CompTIA certification exam for IT Fundamentals and all 12 passed on the first attempt.  These students now have an industry-recognized credential in the IT field.  The IT Professional short-term certificate will serve as the core of a new AAS degree in IT Auditing and Assurance that is being developed in collaboration with the local accounting firm Carr, Riggs, and Ingram, which is a leading accounting firm nationwide (21st largest) with offices in 13 states throughout the southeast.  IT Auditing is a high wage and high demand occupation that can pay 6 figures with only a few years experience.  Attached is a flyer that describes the IT Professional short-term certificate in more detail.  Here is a link to the story about the dual enrollment students who earned the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification at the end of fall semester.


  1. The ESCC Paralegal program recently earned American Bar Association approval.  ESCC is one of only two community colleges in Alabama to have earned that distinction.  ABA approval is the premier accreditation for Paralegal programs nationwide.  The College is already receiving inquiries from law firms throughout south Alabama who want to send employees for classes or want to have them enroll in online courses.  Here is a link to the announcement as posted on the ESCC website.


  1. The ESCC Emergency Medical Services program is currently working on gaining accreditation from  CoAEPEMSP (the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions) so that the College can reinstate the Paramedic program.


  1. The Advanced Composites program did not open for enrollment in fall semester 2016 as planned, nor in spring semester 2017 due to complications with renovations to the lab space that was devoted to the program.  However, work is still in progress with a goal of fall semester 2017.  Some equipment previously purchased for use in the program is being used to support the instruction in composite repairs that is a required component of the Airframe Technology curriculum.  Additional equipment will be purchased with funds from the WFD grant awarded in October 2016 and bids have been solicited for that equipment.  The College is committed to this program, as it is needed even more in the aviation/aerospace industry today and will also support advanced manufacturing in other industries in Alabama, including the automotive manufacturing sector.


  1. The Alabama Aviation Center at Ozark, a unit of ESCC, recently acquired three C-12 aircraft through the GSA.  These aircraft collectively have a current market value in excess of $550,000, but the College cost was only $12,000.  These are much more modern aircraft than anything previously on hand and will enable students to be trained on aircraft systems that the College was unable to provide training in before.  Here is a link to the press release as posted on the ESCC website describing the aircraft and detailing the acquisition story.


  1. ESCC signed an agreement with Army Fleet Support last year that has resulted in a new apprenticeship program for the graduates of our Aviation Maintenance Technology program.  The first referrals to that apprenticeship program were made this month and will hopefully result in hires that would not have been possible without this program.


Non-Credit Efforts in Support of Workforce Development

  1. The College developed and is delivering a Leadership course to employees of Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union.  This was in response to the Credit Union’s request to partner with ESCC for training in leadership skills for their emerging leaders.  Attached is a press release with more information about this program.  Word got around about this training and the College has had additional requests from other employers.  A second abbreviated version of the class will be taught for Standard Textile beginning in June.  Here is a link to the story that the Dothan Eagle carried about our partnership with AACFCU to deliver leadership training to their employees.


  1. Discussions are underway with Navigator International to partner for both non-credit and for-credit Blackhawk flight training for foreign and domestic law enforcement and military personnel.  This would be performed utilizing Navigator’s fleet of former U.S. military helicopters that were recently phased out.


Vicky Ohlson, PhD

Interim President

Enterprise State Community College



Capacity Building Grant-Applied Technologies

Control Number: 16-17ICI41

LBW Community College was awarded $46,284 for equipment and supplies to address workforce needs in our service area.  Employers in the air conditioning field are seeking technicians who have a knowledge of basic work tools and construction safety, as well as training in energy efficiency.  The Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Department received NCCER supplies to prepare students for the NCCER Core Curriculum and NCCER Level I credentials.  The department also received a Minneapolis Blower Door and a Duct Blaster System to meet the requirements of a state mandate in conjunction with the International Residential Code. The total cost of this system was $7,923.90.  The instructor is utilizing the equipment to teach students how to detect leakage in ductworks and businesses, which is a major source of energy waste.


The Welding Department also received supplies to prepare students for the NCCER Core Curriculum and NCCER Level I credentials. The total supply cost for the NCCER supplies was $9,783.44.  In addition to the supplies for NCCER, the department requested an energy efficient 8-pack welding machine and an engine driven welder.  The welding field is listed on the high demand list for the State of Alabama and a Priority 1 program on the Dual Enrollment Priority Ranking chart.  The 8-pack welding machine will serve an additional eight students (traditional and dual enrollment) for each class period setting.  $22,495.85 has been encumbered for the machine, and the department is awaiting delivery.


To date, 41 students are being served in the Air Conditioning and Welding Departments, 3 have completed the NCCER Core Curriculum, and the remaining 38 students will complete an NCCER credential by the end of spring or summer term.


The total amount of grant funds spent is $40,203.19



April 25, 2017


  • Wallace Community College was awarded $110,000 for a Robotic Educational System for the Welding Technology program.  The bid process is complete, the equipment has been ordered, and the system will be available for use with students in the fall.
  • During spring term, 633 students were dual enrolled (DE) in 10 CTE and related academic transfer programs for a total of over 2,600 credit hours.  The CTE programs with the highest enrollment of DE students are Welding Technology and Medical Assisting. WCC offers dual credit in Automotive Technology, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Emergency Medical-Basic, Engineering Graphics and Animation, Industrial System, Medical Assisting, Office Administration, Welding Technology, and Academic Transfer.
  • WCC’s request to add Medical Assisting to the funding list for dual enrolled students for 2017-18 was recently approved by the ACCS.  This program will continue to benefit not only participating students, t also our newly added partnership with the Wiregrass Center of Excellence in Enterprise.  This partnership will reach students in Coffee Country, Enterprise, Elba City, Geneva City, and other county schools.
  • WCC’s Health Sciences programs have moved into the new Health Science building, which will be formally dedicated on Friday, May 5, at 10:00 a.m. Tours of the building will be given after the ceremony.  Equipment purchased with workforce funds, such as training simulators (SimMan 3G) and hematology analyzers, have been set up in the new building. The Simulation Center houses several other simulators purchased through Workforce Development funds.


Career Coach Grant

  • Awarded: $26,000.00
College: Wallace Community College
Date of Report: March 25, 2017
Career Coach Performance Report
Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total
School Contacts
Number of Group Presentations with Students 0 0 1 4 2 7
Number of Students Contacted as a Group 0 0 277 372 280 929
Number of Students Contacted One-on-One 0 0 10 18 4 32
Students Assisted with Career Assessments/Plan 0 0 10 4 7 21
Training Opportunities Through Tours or Career Fairs 0 0 1 4 0 5
Number of Students Receiving Training Opportunity Information 0 0 2 6000 0 6002
Community Contacts
Business & Industry Contacts Made 0 0 4 3 25 32
Adults Contacted for Career Coaching 0 0 0 0 0
Event Contacts
Career Events (Expo, Summer Camps, etc.) 0 0 0 2 1 3
Students Participating in Events 0 0 0 48 178 226
Total Students Contacted Each Month 287 6394 497 7178



Workshops Held

Fall Semester
Workshop Attendance
Resume Writing 6
Adaptability in the Workplace 11
Career Exploration 12
Spring Semester
Kuder Assessment 7
DreamShare Project 20
Resumes (Scheduled April 6th)

Career fair – Held at WCC on March 15, 2017

2017 Career Fair
Students Registered 178
Employers                                                                                                        23
Alabama Dept. of Corrections
Cook Saw’s MFG
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Dothan Career Center
Hartford Health Care
Head Start Preschool and Dothan City Schools
Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center
LifeSouth Community Blood Centers
Powersouth Energy Cooperative
Regions Bank
Cummings Signs
US Army Corps of Engineers
Dale Medical Center
Sam’s Club
Medical Center Enterprise
Army Aviation Center Federal Credit Union
Henry County Health and Rehabilitation
Personnel Resources
Dothan Houston County Library System

The Houston Clinic

College prep 101 Summer camp

WCC offering a College Prep 101 Summer Camp next week.  It is a free 4 day event that will cover ACT Math and English Prep, Leadership, Writing Scholarship Letters, and Career Planning for area high school student on June 19-22 from 9:00 – 12:00.


Ready to Work Grant


Awarded: $30,204.00

Moving RTW class from Sparks campus to Eufaula career center

Looking at new site for RTW closer to Downtown Dothan location to better serve individuals in that area




Sheet Metal Technician Grant


Awarded: $150,000.00

Remaining budget: $0.00

Equipment purchased totaling – $85,831.00


1st class: 12 students enrolled

  • 5 currently employed

2nd class 14 students enrolled

  • 9 completed
  • 7 employed currently


3rd class begins: June 5, 2017